Update on Sheikh Nasr AlFahd and a Plea for continued Dua’ for all Prisoners

All Praises belong to Him, Lord of the Worlds, who ordained glad tidings for the family of Sheikh Nasr al-Fahd, a political prisoner detained in the land of the Haramain for nearly a decade.

A December 2012 campaign was launched by Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril in which the international community along with activists in Saudi collaboratively called for an end to the unjust imprisonment and torture of the 43 year old sheikh. A month after said social-network campaign demonstrated an outpouring of support and dua’ for Nasr al-Fahd, he was able to call his family for the first time in six years and on January 12, 1013 was permitted a visit equally overdue in years.

The estranged family reported that though his appearance was dramatically altered by a lean structure and grayed beard, his words and peaceful disposition imparted comfort and tranquillity to them. They witnessed that along with a broken tooth, his hands and legs bore visible scars of torture to corroborate the numerous reports of abuse which he himself confirmed. Despite the obvious physical pain he has undergone, the sheikh insisted that his heart was satisfied and content with the will of Allah. He lifted the spirits of the family with his strong will and by recollecting a happier past, eliciting laughter from everyone, including his hardly recognisable 15 year old son, Usamah, whom he had not seen since eight years of age. He denied false reports of refusing visitors and imparted Salaam to all the Muslims who inquire after him.

This update was provided via Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril, who also included a powerful and personal anecdote with regards to continuing your dua’:

Several days ago before the [family] visit, my father (may Allah give him a long life full of deeds) returned from a trip to all three of our sacred Masajid. He told me everywhere he went he made duaa for the oppressed Muslims and this Shiekh in particular. He told me expect good news about him. Let us intensify the duaa. I told the family first good news was the call, then a visit, and the third will be the release InshAllah.

You dua is valuable and vital to the Ummah; Please continue to make Dua’ for all of the Prisoners and the weak and oppressed Muslims everywhere. JazakAllahu Khair.