Biography of Nasser Ibn Hamad al-Fahd

His Name

Nāsir bin Hamad bin Humaym al-Fahd from the Farahīd from the Asā’idah from the Rawaqah from Utaybah, whose ancestors go back to the tribe of Banī Sa’d ibn Bakr ibn Hawāzin from ‘Adnān.

His Birth and Upbringing

Born in Riyādh in the month of Shawwāal 1388 and he was raised in it, he graduated from Imām University, College of Sharī’’ah in Riyādh, in Rajab 1412, and he was appointed dean in the College of Usūl ad-Dīn; Department of ‘Aqīdah and Contemporary Ideologies, he carried on his work until he was arrested in Rabī’ al-Awwal in 1415 and he was imprisoned until Rajab 1418 when he was released and suspended from the university.

His Teachers

He studied in the College under a group of teachers, the most popular of them:

  • Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azīz bin ‘Abdillah ar-Rājihi
  • Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azīz bin ‘Abdillah āl-ash-Shaykh
  • Shaykh Sālih al-Atram
  • Shaykh ‘Abdullah ar-Rukbān
  • Shaykh Zayd bin Fayyād (rahimahullāh)
  • Shaykh Ahmad Ma’bad
  • And many others.

His Writings

He has written many books and articles, including:

  • The Choices and Opinions of Shaykh ul-Islām in Grammar and Morphology (Printed)
  • The Notification of the Oppositions of (the Book) al-’Itisām (Printed)
  • Establishing the Evidence for the Obligation of Breaking the False Idols
  • The Exposition Regarding the Disbelief (Kufr) of the One That Assists the Americans, Part One: The Campaign Against Afghānistān
  • The Exposition Regarding the Disbelief (Kufr) of the One That Assists the Americans, Part Two: The Campaign Against Irāq
  • The Clarification of the Danger of the Peace Process Against the Muslims
  • The Ascertainment of the Issue of Clapping
  • Notices Concerning the Books of (Hadīth) Checking for Kitāb at-Tawhīd
  • The Censure in Clarification of What the Bayān al-Muthaqqafīn Contains of Falsehood
  • Jarh wat Ta’dīl According to Ibn Hazm adh-Dhāhirī
  • The Ruling Upon Alcohol Based Perfumes
  • A Refutation Against the Rāfidah in Their Accusation Against the Companions Tampering With the Qur’ān
  • A Letter to a Modernist
  • A Treatise on the Ruling of Singing the Qur’ān
  • A Treatise in Refutation Against the Misconception of the Murji’ah Taken From the Words of Shaykh ul-Islām ibn Taymiyah (rahimahullāh)
  • A Treatise Concerning the Shortening of the Travelers (Prayer) Behind the Resident (Imām)
  • A Treatise Clarifiying the Legality of Harshness Against the Rāfidah
  • Biography of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibrāhīm āl-ash-Shaykh (rahimahullāh) (Printed)
  • Protecting Majmū al-Fatāwā From Misprints and Typographical Errors (Under Publication)
  • The Islāmic Video and ‘Islāmic Alternatives’ (Printed)
  • Unveiling the Misconceptions of Hasan al-Mālikī
  • The Clothing of a Woman in Front of Other Women
  • A Summary of the Falsehoods of al-Qardāwī
  • Encyclopedia of the Settled Families of al-Asā’irah Clan (Printed)
  • The Methodology of the Early Scholars in the Issue of Tadlīs
  • The Stances With the Stances (A Refutation Against Some of the Comments of the Modern-Day Murji’ah Made Against the Book at-Tibyān)
  • The Legality of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction

And other beneficial essays and works.

May Allāh the Most High protect the Shaykh, free him from the jails of the tyrants, and continue to let the Muslims benefit from his knowledge.