"Confronting the Ruler" - sheikh Umar Abdur Rahman

"And do not incline to those who do wrong, or the fire will touch you..."
(Surah Hud, ayah 113)

O stranger of truth, amidst the cry to falsehood, and the deserted ones who are few when they are many. Many are those who have accepted falsehood, who are pleased with humiliation, who are happy with a peaceful life; for such there is nothing except positions in the dunya (world) and praise of the ruler. As for those who have refused submission except to ALLAAH, coming out openly with the word of truth, being punished for it with every oppression, making their lives expendible as a result of it, how few are they ? How few are they who have sold their souls to ALLAAH, sacrificing the delights of this world and its false comfort.

The submissive ones from the people of Egypt bade farewell to the tyrant Jamal 'Abdul Naasir to the garbage can of history; overflowing with sadness for him. Everything was clothed in black- the houses, the pillars, and the streets- sad with the death of the one who had perished. Amidst all these cries, the fatwa (legal verdict) of Sheikh

Omar Abdur-RaHman was reverberating - 'As-Salah (Prayer) is not valid for ' Abdul NaaSir because he is a kafir' . Just as this fatwa was echoing due to its strength, it was similarly a powerful blow to the regime. The Sheikh was arrested and put in Al-Qal'ah prison, and thus began a series of confrontations with the people of oppression and custodians of the government of Egypt; he confronted Sadat and firmly announced that there can be no peace with the Jews. When Sadat was killed, the Sheikh was arrested again and tortured; even though the Sheikh is blind, he was beaten and electrocuted. He was forbidden medical treatment and food needed for his diseases since he is diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. The Sheikh was then tried in what came to be known as the 'Case of the Assassination of Sadat and Jihad'.

The Sheikh stood like a lion and remained unconcerned about the noose dangling around his neck. His words confronted the judge as he said:

"In the presence of my aqeedah (creed) and my conscious, I am called upon to repel oppression, to refute the misconceptions and errors,to uncover the deviations and digressions, and to expose the oppressors in front of the people even if that costs me my life and my possessions...I am a Muslim; I live for my deen and I die in its path. And the situation does not permit me to keep silent whilst Islam is being fought in every place, or that I stay calm whilst the waves of shirk (associating partners with ALLAAH) and misguidance are striking and surging in every direction: Or as darkness on an ocean. He is covered by a wave, above which is a wave, above which is a cloud. Layer upon layer of darkness. When he holds his hand out he can hardly see it. And he for whom Allah has not appointed light, for him there is no light.

How can I be gentle whilst the tyrants increase in arrogance and insolence: They desire for you to compromise so they could compromise. No and never shall we be pleased with the rule of tyrants, we shall never live with the rule of men- those who are high-handed with the people, humilate them, and make them serve others besides ALLAAH...

This deen does not and will never die, and if it were to die, it would have died the day it was confined and pursued in Makkah, and its time was like that of a newly-born or a small seedling, but it survived and grew to be towering. This deen does not and will never die, and if it were to die, it would have died the day its Messenger was expelled alone and isolated; none was with him but his Lord and his companions, yet he migrated, gathered the Muhajireen (Emigrants from Makkah to Madinah) and AnSaar (Helpers and residents of Madinah) around him, formed the Islamic state, and strengthened its might. This deen does not and will never die, and if it were to die, it would have died the day Madinah was beseiged in the Battle of the Trench, when there came upon them from above and below, when eyes grew wild and hearts reached to the throats, and they imagined various thoughts concerning ALLAAH, but it endured, raised high its flag, and reached wherever the night and day

O ' Chief Justice of the Supreme Court', the proof has been established and the truth has become visible, as clear as daylight for the one who has eyes; it is your duty to rule with the Sharee'ah of ALLAAH, and to implement the laws of ALLAAH; if you do not do so, then you are a kafir (disbeliever), THaalim (oppressor), and fasiq (evil- doer) for the words of ALLAAH will have proven true concerning you:
Whoso does not judge by that which ALLAAH has revealed: such are disbelievers. Whoso does not judge by that which ALLAAH has revealed: such are oppressors. Whoso does not judge by that which ALLAAH has revealed: such are evil-doers. And the rule is not limited to this court-room, or in this world, but the rule ends its command in the aakhirah (hereafter), where ALLAAH will judge with justice: One day the earth will be changed to a different earth, and so will be the heavens, and they will be marshalled forth, before ALLAAH, the One, the Irresistible.

And we do not fear prison, nor execution, and nor are we frightened by torture or injury, but we say what the magicians said to Fir'awn (Pharoah): We will never choose you above the clear proofs that have come unto us, and above HIM Who created us. So decree what you will decree, for you can only decree (touching) the life of this world.

And O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court', know that ALLAAH sent down hudood (punishments) to deter from vice, so what if those who are supposed to prevent it, become involved in it themselves ? And that ALLAAH sent down qiSaS (retribution) as life for his slaves, so if they are murdered, who will retribute for them ? And O ' Chief Justice of the Supreme Court', remember death and what happens after it when your attendants and helpers will be few, so prepare for it and its aftermath with great fear.

O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court' , know that you have a station other than the station at which you are now, during which your period of stay will be long, you will be separated from your beloved ones, and you will be delivered to your abode, lonely and isolated, so prepare for that which will accompany you: A day when man will flee from his brother, from his mother and his father, and from his wife and his child. And remember when the contents of the graves are poured forth, and that which is (locked up) in (human) breasts is made known, then the secrets will become emerge, and the Book does not leave out anything, small or big, except that it has recorded it. As for now, you are in ease before your time expires, and your hopes are cut off. Do not judge between the slaves of ALLAAH with the laws of the ignorant, nor make them follow the path of the oppressors, , nor impose the arrogant over the weak, else you will bear your burdens and burdens in addition to your burdens.

Do not look to your power today, but look to your power tomorrow when you will be enthralled in the web of death, and you will stand in front of ALLAAH in an assembly of angels, Prophets, and Messengers, and faces will humble themselves before Al-Hayy (the Living), Al-Qayyum (the Eternal), and he who bears wrongdoing will indeed be a failure. O 'CHIEF

O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court' fear ALLAAH, for indeed the messenger from the Lord of the Worlds is about to come to you, who will remove you from your chair, and take you out from the expanse of your palace to the narrowness of your grave. Then you will leave your authority and your dunya behind your back, be brought to your Lord, and then fall back upon your actions...

O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court' death is a pursuer which does not grow weary of its pursuit, it does not make a mistake, nor fail in its appointment, the staunch one cannot weaken it, the fugitive cannot escape from it, and remembrance of the convulsions during death is enough to make the limbs tremble. Death is that which brings the giant to the ground with the same ease with which it brings the dwarf down; the the people of authority are overcome by it just as the people of subjugation are overcome. It is like a mill-stone which revolves around the creation; a cup of it passed around them- every one with a soul must drink of it and experience its taste. It is the demolisher of enjoyment, the spoiler of lusts; death is that which splits the loved ones, and it continues in its path, it does not stop and it does not care; it does not respond to the cries of the overwhelmed and worried, to the sorrow of the separated ones, to the wishes of the one who wishes, nor to the fear of the frightened. Death is no delight for men, and yet they do not reflect on the strength of this subduer which keeps on.

What then will be of you O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court' when the humiliator of kings, defeater of oppressors, and breaker of tyrants reaches you and throws you to the ground between your beloved ones and bystanders, cleaving your household and your fellow men, who will have no power to benefit or defend you. O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ' ALLAAH forbids you from the government, and the government does not forbid you from ALLAAH, and the order of ALLAAH is above every order, for there is no obedience in disobedience to ALLAAH, so I warn you of HIS force, that which is not held back from the people of wrongdoings. O 'Chief Justice of the Supreme Court', the account is right behind you, whiplash for whiplash, anger for anger, and ALLAAH is on the look-out."

The words of the Sheikh shook the court-room, for he announced the word of truth in the most gloomiest of places. The Sheikh was acquitted and left the prison to join his da'wah and jihad; he did not lose courage, neither did he compromise nor did he keep silent. He left Egypt and traversed the world following the footsteps of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and Ibn Taiymiyyah.

He eventually arrived in the USA, the chief of kufr (disbelief), the crusade, and the new world order. Still he gave the good news of the demise of the tyrants in the east and west, and the emergence of the dawn of Islam which will rip the mulberry leaf of American 'democracy' . Sheikh Omar Abdur-RaHman became the symbol of jihad and a model for the youth who search for a mujahid scholar.

Currently the Sheikh is in prison in the USA, serving a life sentence. We ask ALLAAH to save the Sheikh and keep him as a symbol of jihad and sacrifice, and to produce from his progeny those who will openly speak the truth.