Questions about the diseases of the Murji’ah in Takfeer


As-Salaam Aleykom Shaykh, May Allah grant you good and a long life. A while ago when you spoke about takfeer, the mistakes that happens [when you apply it], and the outcome of it. And this scenario maybe happening, but because of this a new way [Manhaj] has appeared, that which we call irjaa of today. They have made the religion more softer than the clothes of Samir as mention by some of the Salaf. Can you give us more details about this or explain to us [Murjism] in general? Would you like to mention anything about that for us?


Correct! When the Manhaj [Methodology] of Khawarij appeared, as an outcome of that, the Manhaj of Murji’a appeared, and Ahlu Sunnah is between the Khawarij and Murji’a.

The Khawarij make takfeer because of major sins, and Murji’a don’t make takfeer on the Nawaqid [Nullifiers of Islam], and they restrict the nawaqid to [a persons] Juhood [denying] and making the Halal Haram and similar.

And Ahlu Sunnah is between these. So the one who commits a deed of Kufr and all the conditions are full field, and all the barriers are removed, and this is not required for all the nullifiers, because there are some that aren’t in need of this [i.e to fulfill the conditions and remove the barriers]. So the ruling on such a person is clear, he committed an act that nullifies the principle of Iman.

And what is kufr? This is a speech, deed, belief that nullifies the principle of Iman, and can’t exist together with Iman.

There has appeared as you have mentioned, groups that have approached these clear deeds like: Shirk with Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala, assisting the disbelievers against Muslims, replacing the Shariah, or changing the religion, making matters which are Haram by consensus Halal, making mockery of the religion, shirk to Allah, making tawaf around the graves, or making du’a to the dead and similar [to that], then he approaches these clear deeds of disbelief and restrict [the application] to Juhood [denying], Istihlaal [making it halal] or I’tiqaad [believing]. Ibn Taymiyyah called these people as mentioned in [his book] “as-Sarim al-Maslul” “al-Djahmiyyah al-Inaath’”..

And they appeared as an outcome of the appearance of Khawarij, those who if they saw a big sin, they would declare him as a disbeliever and out of the fold of Islam, and they would make his blood and wealth Halal, and they have call the lands of Islam the land of war and disbelief.

Then appeared those who call the land of disbelief as the land of Kufr, but they call it the land of Islam; and they don’t make takfeer upon the Kuffar. And Ahlu Sunnah is in the midst of these [two methodologies].

But the brothers question was about those who hasten in Takfeer, but without a doubt this [does not cause] less harm than that and this isn’t worse than that.  A person have to look upon the madhab of Ahlu Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah and accept it clearly, because this is the religion of The Lord of the worlds. This isn’t the religion of this one or that one.

And if this [the Understanding of Ahlu Sunnah] isn’t delivered to the people, then the bad outcome will appear for the Muslim community. And what are this [that will come]. That which he is saying, people will think it’s true, and what other are saying isn’t true, and likewise.

After that the truth will be lost between these two astray and deviant groups. Khawarij went in extremism with regard to takfeer, and the Murji’a went in extremism with regard to Irjaa. Those [Khawarij] make takfeer because of sins, and these [Murji'ah] don’t make takfeer upon Nullifies of Islam. Maybe some of them [Murji'ah] are trying to find excuses for the heads of Kufr, so the way of truth have been lost between them [Khawarij and Murji'ah].

And the fundamentals of Ahlu Sunnah is an obligation to accept clear, so the truth won’t mix with falsehood.


The Shirk of legislation.. What types of them are there in our time?


It’s those type we are witnessing today. The reality is the “form” which you ask about! Making Haram Halal, the law allows the expression of any other religion..


Ok! What about working with these systems that makes Halal the least bit of Haram?


It is confirmed that they make Halal what is Haram, do you want to be their partner in sin, as Allah says: “[The angels will be ordered], “Gather those who committed wrong, their kinds…” [Surah As-Saffat 22]

It have been said by Umar and others [in the commentary of this verse]: “Their partners and likes.”

Then the Almighty said: “And when the souls are paired.” [Surat At-Takwīr 7],

And the Hadith: “The man will be resurrected with his friend.”