Giving Victory to Muslims through Jihad

Introduction translators:

Sheikh Sulayman al-Alwan, is from the scholars of this time. From a young age, he demonstrated an impressive ability to memorize and showed a very deep understanding of the writings of the various sciences of the Shari’ah. And from the origins of his exclusive studies, Sheikh Sulayman has spent most of his days in reading, memorizing and reviewing the books of knowledge. Coming from Riyadh, travelling to Madina he sat with Shaykh Hammād Al-Ansārī, who issued him the license (Al-Ijāzah) to teach the Six Books (of Hadīth) as well as “Musnad Ahmad”, “Muwatta’ Imām Mālik ,”the two Sahīhs of Ibn Khuzaymah and Ibn Hibbān and the two Musannafs of ‘Abdur-Razzāq and Ibn Abī Shaybah. He also issued him the license (Al-Ijāzah) of the Tafsīr of Ibn Jarīr and “Tafsīr Ibn Kathīr”.

The Sheikh was imprisoned for 9 years by the Taghut government of Sa’ud, and was recently released by the grace of Allah. He is of one of the supporters of the Mujahidin today, supporting the current Jihad against the Crusaders, in which many Scholars, especially from Sa’udiyyah, refrain from and further distort the reality to protect the throne of Tawaghit. For the complete biography of the Sheikh, find it under “Contemporary Biographies” on our site.

The obligation of Jihad, is from the noblest and most honourable of obligations, from Allah revealed to the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam, his companions, and for all the Muslims until the last hour. The action of Jihad is that noble, that the Prophet himself described Jihad as the pinnacle of the religion. There is no Islam, without Jihad, and from this very action that was obliged by Allah, it was from the many obligations sent down for the Muslims that separated the camp of Iman and the camp of Nifaq [Hypocrisy].

Due to this deed, being something that is different to Salah, or Zakah. In which, Salah requires sacrifice of time, by making Wudhu according to the Sunnah, and Zakah in which the Muslim is giving away his wealth, although in reality this Zakah and Sadaqah [Charity] will be rewarded in immense amounts and it will be of no avail. The deed of Jihad itself, requires sacrifice, blood and sweat, which may be very hard to embrace for the believer that is indulged in the Dunya and its pleasures, or one with weak Iman, and for those in which spots of Nifaq have taken over their heart.

Placing one’s soul for Allah, requires that he fights for His sake only, and although in Islam the soul is of great sanctity, the preservation of the religion is just as more as a priority. Hence, souls are put forth by righteous believers, giving away their lives in desire of Jannah, by fighting to make the word of Allah most supreme, and preserving the religion from the harms of the Munafiqeen [Hypocrites] and Kuffar. In these times, the enemies of Allah attacked the religion from all fronts. As for the idealogical front, these attacks provoked many Ulema [Scholars] and Du’aat [Preachers] to soften down the understanding of Jihad, to distort its evidences, to provide its understanding to the Muslims in a manner never understood before.

From all sectors of deviance within this Ummah, such as the Modernists whom claim that Jihad means merely to struggle and involves peaceful means and violence is the last resort [i.e. Defensive Jihad], in which these people completely neglect the Shar’i understanding that was agreed upon by all the Madhahib [Schools of Thought], while only embracing the linguistic meaning. The Neo-Salafis are also aboard the same boat of deviance, for they, who claim Jihad cannot be waged without the permission of the ruler, and all Jihad that occurs without his permission, is illegitimate while those whom are fighting are misguided and Khawarij. The Sheikh covers the obligation of Jihad, and briefly touches upon how it is incumbent upon Scholars and Rulers to be in support of it.