Revealing the Truth about the Aqeedah of the Mujahideen

Sheikh Sulaymaan al-Alwaan said:

And the people of Sunnah don’t do takfīr on every sin and they don’t do takfīr on those who commit major sins as long as they don’t make permissible those sins which are definitely haram. And those who attribute takfīr on the Muslims to the Mujāhidīn fī sabīli llāh or say that they do takfīr on everyone in general or that they do takfīr on those who commit major sins, they are making up nothing but lies against them!

Its unknown that the Mujāhidīn fī sabīli llāh make takfīr on major sins or on any sins and what they are saying is what the people of Sunnah have said about takfīr in associating partners with Allāh and changing the Sharīʿah of Allāh and supporting the kuffār over the Muslims and all Muslim scholars are in consensus that whoever comes with a saying or action or belief that is contrary to the essence of our faith or alienates it and the proof stands against him, without any doubt, then he is a kāfir.

And those who consider this to be the doctrine of the Khawārij are innovators, ignorant and Murji’ah. And to those who complicate the simple matters of Islam regarding belief, disbelief & Istihlāl, this is nullified in the Book (Qurʼān), the Sunnah and Ijmāʿ. And for the one who’s apostasy falls under the two declarations of faith or one of them his Islam is only confirmed if he (openly) reaffirms the declaration of faith.

And (for the one) who’s apostasy is caused by denying an obligatory act (like Praying), or by performing one of the nullifiers of ones Islam, like associating partners with Allāh, or insulting the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon Him, or altering the Islamic Sharīʿah, or helping the kuffār against the Muslims, he will not enter back into Islam until he confesses that which he has disbelieved in and he repents to Allāh from that nullifier and he (openly) reaffirms the two declarations of faith.

He can not be Muslim, even with the two declarations of faith, without repentance because he use to profess the two declarations of faith without disbelieving in it. (even while doing that which nullified his Islam)

And the Ulamā are unanimous that lā ʾilāha ʾillā -llāh doesn’t benefit the one who says it if he doesn’t stop contradicting it.

And the secularists, the tyrants and their Murji’ah donkeys don’t want to talk about the undoubtable nullifiers in Islam. They can’t bear Takfīr on (clear) heretics and apostates and they hate listening to Takfīr even against Shaytān! They don’t know Islamic matters and they can’t comprehend laws or jurisprudence except disbelief upon disbelief. And they protest against the people of Sunnah in every matter and every trial and every heresy and apostasy and those people, I swear by Allāh, live in the darkness of confusion and ignorance.

And those who are saying about the Mujāhidīn fī sabīli llāh, their supporters and the defenders of their property and honor that they don’t understand Islam, just want to hide their embarrassment for sitting with the sitters and remaining behind. And by saying this they want to please the Tawāġīt and gain their favor. And some of those who said this went to the countries of Rāfid and Šhirk and met with some of their devils for help and cooperation to face the Mujāhidīn fī sabīli llāh. So this man meets with the Mushrikīn and cooperates with them against the Muwāhidīn. This is the kind of Islam they understand and call the people to and measure and weigh them with. And they label anyone opposing this a fundamentalist, an extremist, a terrorist, a troublemaker.

The Islam that all messages agree upon is submission to Allāh and Tawhīd. To be bound to Him in obedience, to openly reject Shirk (polytheism) and its people

And this is what the fighters fī sabīli llāh practice.

Sheikh ul-Mujahid Usāmah bin Lādin said:

“He accused us by name, directly and he said, ‘They (Al Qa’idah) call Muslims kāfir’ God Forbid! What’s strange is that we are accused of saying things we haven’t even said and some people believe (these lies and rumors). They have accused the Mujāhidīn of being from the Madhab of the Khawārij even though they know full well that we are free from this Madhab. These are our speeches and this is our reality which are a witness for us. Did they (the security forces) invade our homes in Sudan with weapons just to kill the Khawārij?We believe that general disobedience which has nothing to do with kufr does not remove a believer from the fold of Islam, even if it (his disobedience) was great.”

Sheikh al-Mujahid Abu Umar al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi said:

“People throw many lies at us that have no foundation in our doctrine. They accuse us of making takfīr on the Muslims in general and say that we make their blood and their wealth permissible for us. And they say that we force the people into our (Islamic) state by the sword. Based on these accusations here are some of our firm positions..

Answering those lies until there is no excuse left for any of these liars or any doubt for the believers. We do not make takfīr on any Muslim who prays towards our Qibla while he commits sins like unlawful sexual intercourse, alcohol consumption and theft, as long as he doesn’t make these sins permissible. And we say regarding faith, that we take the middle ground between the extremism of the Khawārij and the apathy of Irja. And we say regarding faith, that we take the middle ground between the extremism of the Khawārij and the apathy of Irja. Whoever says the two declarations (of faith) and demonstrates his Islam and is not guilty of any of the nullifiers of faith, we will treat him the same way we treat all Muslims. And we leave his inner thoughts to Allāh the Exalted. There are two kinds of disbelief, greater and smaller. And to pass judgement on him depends on the difference in his belief, his thoughts or his actions. But to make Takfīr on a specific one amongst them, with the judgement being eternal hell fire, depends on proven conditions and the absence of any contradictions.”

Sheikh Atiyullāh al-Libby said:

“May this world disappear and we all perish, as well as our systems, our organizations and our projects, before we spill, with our own hands, the blood of a Muslim without justice. And we have made it clear that we are bound by the Sharīʿah of our Lord may His Majesty Be Exalted. The One who forbids the killing of a single soul without justice.”

Sheikh Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawī said:


“We swear by Allāh that we don’t accept the spilling of Muslim blood unlawfully. And I swear by Allāh presenting my own neck to be slaughtered is more desirable to me than intentionally taking the life of a Muslim unlawfully!”