Sheikh Sayeed Abu Saad: Reminder for Muslims

Publication time: 23 May 2009, 23:29

This is an English transcript of the video statement made by Sheikh Sayeed Abu Saad (AKA Sayeed of Buriatia / Sayeed Buryatskiy) following the Majlis al-Shura on 29 Rabi' al-Thani 1430 (25.04.2009). The statement translated from Russian to English by The Caucasus Blog.

Emir Dokka Abu Usman: I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed shaytan.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Praise be to Allah Alone, peace and blessings be upon the one, after whom there are no prophets.

Peace be upon you, mercy of Allah and His blessings.

Today I want to ask our brother Sayeed to make us a reminder, for ourselves in the first place, and for Mujahideen brothers and for Muslims who care about Islam, insha'Allah, [in order] to be blessed because of it, because we ourselves need it, and you need it all the more, I am sure of it, and we all will be blessed because of it.

Sheikh Sayeed Abu Saad: Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, upon his family, companions and those who followed him. To proceed:

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, for doing us a great favor by letting us to strive in His path, and for giving us opportunity to spend our property and our souls in order to achieve His pleasure.

Today almost exactly a year has passed since the moment when I came here, in order to join our brothers, those who continued to wage Jihad for many years, who experienced these difficulties, and however that may be, that year which was spent by me here, it let me understand many things and let me analyze many things, in order to better understand that we are in the straight path, and there are no any doubts about that.

This year, which has passed here, this year has changed many things, and we think that this year will indeed be crucial for us, insha'Allah, this year will be offensive one. Last year and this year, in the beginning of this year, kuffar (infidels) mobilized their strongest units and gang formations, sent them into the woods, and carried out operations using several thousand troops. For what? In order to try to finish us off at their last gasp.

And it all reminds the situation during the time of the Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be upon him, when Abu Sufyan Sakhr Ibn Harb gathered a ten thousand strong army against the Muslims, in order to finish off Medina once and for all, with a single strike. And he gathered everyone who hated Islam and Muslims, and sent them with that army, and they laid siege to Medina. And that siege lasted for almost a month, but then Allah showed them that they can do nothing, and they turned around and went back.

And when the Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, followed them with his eyes, he turned to his companions and said: "From this moment, we will launch war on them, and they will never come to launch war on us, we will launch war on them on their territory." For what? Because it is a worse blow for them, when we come to them, than when they come to us.

But every time when they come to us, they suffer huge defeat, they suffer terrible losses, and all operations that they tried to carry out, all those losses from landmine explosions and shooting attacks, it all shows that their operation against us is unsuccessful, because Allah does not want it. And those operations which they tried to carry out in order to eliminate our Emir Abu Usman, they all totally failed, and it shows us once more, that we are in the true path, and Allah supports and strengthens [us].

And every time when we say that we are fighting in Allah's path, every time when we say that we chose this path only to declare the Word of Allah higher that anything else, and to establish the Laws of Allah in this land, we see how Allah helps us in doing so. Because no matter if Putin says that it is a guerilla movement, that different guerilla groups have been existing there for a long time etc. No, it is not a guerilla movement, and it will continue, because our numbers grow every day, al-Hamdu Lillah.

And even though the hypothesis of kuffar that quantity transforms into quality is wrong, and we consider it to be such, today we are stating that, al-Hamdu Lillah, our quality, of Mujahideen who are with us today, lets us carry out large operations, and this year, insha'Allah, which is only beginning, it will demonstrate many things, if Allah wills it.

Our situation today, what is happening to Russia, and how Allah has humiliated it, by means of the economic crisis, we see it. And as Allah says, "Verily, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (men) from the Path of Allah" (Surat al-Anfal, 8:36).

And today they are doing it, with all possible means, and even that property, from which almost nothing is left, they nevertheless prefer to spend it on the fight against Islam. Why? Because they know, that if they will not do it today, then tomorrow they will suffer a much worse blow.

And Allah revealed these Ayat, when the caravan, that was saved by the Quraysh from Muslims, entered Mecca, and Abu Sufyan visited all clans of the Quraysh and said: "Let's gather all together and spend this property in order to destroy Muhammad and his companions." And all clans except Banu Zuhrah, Banu Adi and representatives of some other clans, said: "Yes, we agree." That entire caravan, which contained property of all clans of the Quraysh, they said: "We are ready to spend it in order to finish off Islam."

And this hatred which existed then, it remains, and will remain for centuries, because this hatred, as Ibrahim said in the Qur'an: "And there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred for ever, until you believe in Allah Alone" (Surat al-Mumtahanah, 60:4). "Until you believe in Allah Alone", this hostility and hatred will remain in our hearts and in their hearts. And therefore Allah said, describing believers: "Humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers" (Surat al-Ma'idah, 5:54), and it is one of the main features of every believer, who today has at least a portion of Iman in his heart.

And all this propaganda, that is launched against us, what does it consist of? It consists of [allegations] that we don't have strength, that we don't have other things, and we heard it many times, and every time I say, I said it before and I am saying it once more: anyone who will come and say that the Sharia does not contain such ruling, that defensive Jihad is fought when there is no strength, at least one to ten or one to two, if he will say that there is such condition, that there is Ijma of Muslims, of Salaf and Khalaf scholars, then we, in any case, I am talking about myself, I am ready to leave this Jihad, if there is Ijma about it. But I will say right away: nobody ever will be able to say it, because it does not exist in Allah's Religion, and it could never exist.

Today they are spreading different rumors, they are saying that I am issuing fatwas etc., Wallahi, anyone who is listening, who is watching, if he is accusing me of something, then let him bring proofs that I am issuing fatwas on my own, that I said: "My opinion on this issue is such, we must do this, based on my Ijtihad, I think so, etc." Wallahi, those people will never be able to bring it, and will not be able to prove it, it is only their accusation.

I do not issue any fatwas on my own, I don't say anything on my own, and what I said and keep saying is based on opinions of past scholars and opinions of present scholars, and for each my word I am ready to bring proofs, fatwas that were issued by past scholars, all of whom I can mention by name, who said what and when. And one who will say that it is me who issues fatwas, then he will be very wrong. Why? Because we don't have a right to issue fatwas on our own, we don't have a degree of Ijtihad. In the same way, those who are accusing us don't have that degree either.

And Allah said in the Qur'an, that they "never afraid of the blame of the blamers" (Surat al-Ma'idah, 5:54), and those blames are thrown at us from all sides. Today kuffar are coming with weapons to try to defeat us, hypocrites are trying to defame our honor with their tongues, and all of it is combined. For what? In order to somehow eliminate us. But Allah said in the Qur'an, that "they will do you no harm, barring a trifling annoyance". And they keep throwing those annoyances at us. "They will do you no harm, barring a trifling annoyance; and if they fight against you, they will show you their backs, and they will not be helped" (Surat Al `Imran, 3:111). And this is our situation today, al-Hamdu Lillah.

And the Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be upon him, said in a famous hadith, which was transmitted by more than twenty of his companions: "Truly, there will an Ummah from my Ummah (in one narration it is said "a group from my Ummah", in another it is said "an Ummah from my Ummah"), and they will fight upon the truth, and Allah will bow before them hearts of peoples, and will give them sustenance from them (those defeated peoples)." And therefore the Prophet said, that "my Rizq, my sustenance was granted to me under the shadow of my spear", and how far that spear moves forward, so much sustenance Allah gives to Muslims.

And today indeed, al-hamdu Lillah, as our brother Shahid Shamil Basayev said: "We are fighting only at the expense of Russia's budget." And all operations that we carry out today, everything that is given by Allah, it is all taken from kuffar, it is left for us by kuffar in this way or another, of course unwillingly, for example, they drop bombs on our heads, then the bombs do not explode, by Allah's will, so we gather those bombs and leave them as a "gift" [for kuffar]. And then the kuffar wonder: "Where did they get it?" No, no need to wonder, because the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: "And will give them sustenance from them."

And when the Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, came to Khaybar, and when he captured the area of al-Nutah, he captured a catapult, and the Muslims immediately used that catapult against other forts, crushing them and taking them by storm. Why? Because that catapult was something which the Messenger of Allah meant by "and will give them sustenance from them", that Allah will feed them from their enemies, will give it to them, if they will go forward.

And how hard we will continue this Jihad today, how hard our brothers, who possess reason, those who want to follow the Truth, will understand that this is a time of great changes, and today, Wallahi, I personally will say that we don't expect a victory for ourselves, but we joined the fight in order to reach one of the two best: Shahadah, in the first place, or victory.

And today, knowing that we are confronted by a million strong Russian army, all hypocrites run away from us, those who believed in an easy victory, all those who wanted to occupy posts in the government, who wanted this or that, so when they saw who they were fighting against, they ran away.

And today we are joined only by those who know that they are likely to reach Shahadah in a nearest time, because we don't see a direct victory as such, which we are talking about, when this entire [Russian] army would be destroyed, but Allah said in the Qur'an:

"For had it not been that Allah checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of Allah is mentioned much would surely have been pulled down"
(Surat al-Hajj, 22:40), i. e. it was said about the mosques.

Therefore Allah's checking one set of people by another is the main reason for wars that happen in the earth, for conflicts that also happen, and Allah gives us opportunity to wage Jihad. For what? In order to choose Shuhada' from us, those who are prescribed to enter gardens of Paradise, after being tested in this worldly life.

And only one who will want to sell his life today, and sell his soul in Allah's path, in order to buy his portion of Paradise, we testify and we say that here today, in this territory, has opened, and it has been here for a long time, a market from the markets of Paradise. And anyone can come and sell what he possesses, in order to buy himself a territory, at least a minimal territory in Paradise, about which the Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, said: "Truly, the lowest degree of inhabitants of Paradise is a person who walks for a thousand years over his lands, and they do not end". Even this minimal reward is present today at this market, and anyone who wants to buy, can come here and sell what he possesses, for something which he does not possess, but what Allah will give him for it.

And saying this, I ask Allah to forgive me and you, and our last prayer is: praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

Peace be upon you, mercy of Allah and His blessings.

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