Culture minister of Egypt’s military junta: ''Erotica is progress and light. Hijab is darkness...''

"Hijab is contrary to progress and openness of thought, and erotic pictures and magazines are facilitating extolling the beauty of human body", said the so-called minister of culture of Egypt's military junta Gaber Asfour
"Until early seventies, Egyptian society was led by intellectuals. When I was at Cairo University in early sixties, there was not a single student in hijab or niqab in our high school, and the Egyptian woman was an example of progress and openness of thought", the minister said on the air on the Egyptian television, speaking in defense of the TV program "The Dancer", which teaches oriental (erotic) dancing.
According to him, the sight of naked bodies is a question of culture. The evidence of this - the presence of eroticism in the "developed world", and to the recent past - in Egyptian magazines, too. "There is nothing wrong when a son sees a picture of a naked woman, is there?. This is the beauty of human body", says the head of the culture ministry.
"A ballet dancer is denuded more than an Arabic dancer, but the ballet dancer can not possibly arouse only sexual instincts?", he added.
Asfour said that he was against the closure of the program "The Dancer" that popularized oriental dancing. He also spoke out against the ban of the movie Halawet al-Rooh/Sweetness of Spirit, and he called it "highly instructive to young people" the fact that the film had rape scenes.
"Europe was very lucky with the Christian principle that you give to God what belongs to God and to Caesar what is Caesar's, which separates religion from the state, so there is no place for anything to become halal and haram", complained the minister.


8 October 2014

Note: May Allah swt cleanse the world of such filthy dogs. Ameen