Another sheikh who has welcomed Kadyrov proclaims criminal all those who support Assad

Sufi sheikh Muhammed Ali Es-Sabuni, well-known in Saudi Arabia, who at a time welcomed Akhmad Kadyrov, and then graciously accepted his son Ramzan Kadyrov, and who proclaimed the Mujahideen fighting the Russian invaders and their puppets as criminals, made a curious statement.
Sheikh Es-Sabuni said as quoted by Al-Jazeera: "Scholars who justify zulm (i.e. crimes) of Bashar al-Assad are court scholars! ..... Those killed by Bashar Assad are martyrs...

Syrian soldiers who are not executing orders to shoot at their own people are martyrs. Soldiers who execute such orders are criminals whose place is in Hell. All those who support the regime of Bashar al-Assad are criminals",
And here is what the same sheikh has earlier said about Chechen Mujahideen fighting the regime of Putin and his puppet Kadyrov, who support Bashar al-Assad, and who, in the opinion of sheikh Es-Sabuni are now criminals and whose place is in Hell.

A quote from Russian news agency RIA-News (during Akhmad Kadyrov's visit to Saudi Arabia in 2004):
"Terrorists in Chechnya took the path contrary to the Quran, said at a meeting with Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov sheikh Muhammed Ali Es-Sabuni, well-known in the Middle East, whom Muslim scholars call "the servant of the Quran".

According to the theologian, acquainted with the situation in Chechnya, he can only state that those who still continue to commit illegal actions and terrorist acts took the path contrary to the Quran.
"Their actions have nothing to do with jihad, holy war for Islam", said sheikh Es-Sabuni, who is the author of 40 popular books on Islamic theology.

Saudi Arabia recognizes Akhmad Kadyrov as elected president of the Chechen Republic and the leader of its people, said Es-Sabuni".
In general, no comment ... Real politics, so to speak, in solo performance of court scholars ... But this hypocrisy has nothing to do with Islam.
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