Shaykh Ayman Az Zawahiri comments on Shaykh Nasir Bin-Hamad al-Fahd

Shaykh Ayman Az Zawahiri comments on Shaykh Nasir Bin-Hamad al-Fahd may Allaah release him from captivity.

“He is a pious scholar–as we estimate–who is active in the promotion of virtue and the prohibition of Vice(Commanding Good and Forbidding Evil), who speaks truth to power and advocates jihad in the cause of God. He frequently defended the mujahidin and authored several useful treatises on important issues. He has solid scholarship, an ability to explore issues, and speaks openly. Among other books he wrote

“The Clear Proof of the Infidelity of Those Who Help the Americans,”

“The Clear Proof 2: The Crusade in its Second Phase–The Iraq War,”

“Shari’ah Rules on the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction Against the Infidels.”

According to reports, he is still in jail and clinging firmly to righteousness. We know for certain that he has recanted what he said on a television show during which he was questioned by A’id al-Qarni. Regarding that show, the Shaykh and his colleagues said that they were coerced and found interpretations in Shari’ah that they could say what the government wanted them to say because it promised to release them afterward. It did not release them. He said: “If I had known what was going to happen, I would not have surrendered to the police detectives but would have fought until I was killed”. He sent several messages out of his jail that show he is still firm on the path of righteousness. We pray to God to give him and all the Muslims firmness in righteousness and a good end”

The Exoneration