Ruling on Fighting Americans Outside Iraq


Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, to proceed:

I have read the second part of your book, The Exposition Regarding the Disbelief of the one that assists the Americans , the title of which is: “The Crusade Campaign in its Second Phase: War on Iraq”, and I benefited much from what you mentioned from rulings regarding this campaign, like the ruling on supporting America, and the ruling on supporting the Iraqi government, and the ruling on supporting the Muslim nation in Iraq.

Except, there was a matter that was not mentioned despite its importance, and it is: What is the ruling upon doing Jihad against the Americans, and fighting them outside Iraq, like attacking their interests and bases and hitting them in different places of the world, and this is regarded from Jihad?

And do they have a covenant with us, in those countries were they do not [openly] fight us in? And is the saying of the Messenger sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salam, {“Whoever kills a person under covenant will never smell the fragrance of paradise”} And if we say that they are not under covenant, but fighting them would result in greater disadvantage, [would it then be] legislated to fight them?

Jazakumullah khayr.


Wa 'alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, to proceed:

Undoubtedly then, that the greatest of enemies of Islaam, and the Muslims in this era are those Americans, and if we wished to follow-up on their crimes against Islaam and its people in the recent times we would have spent ages on it; for they have killed nations of Muslims, in Iraq and Afghanistan alone almost two million, and have embargoed nations, and expelled nations, and brainwashed nations, and plundered the riches of the Muslims, and occupied much of their land, and placed tawagheet on the people, and they did in this ummah what no one did in ancient or recent history.

And today, we see them launching the thousands of rockets and tonnes of bombs on the heads of the Muslims everywhere, and they do not differentiate between a child, an old man, and a woman!

And why should they differentiate?!

For the Muslims, in thier eyes, are nothing but a collection of insects, whose extermination from this world is necessary.

So doing Jihaad against those cursed ones, and awaiting for them, and fighting them wherever they may be is: from the most important of obligations, and the greatest of things that can bring you close [to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala]; for they have corrupted the lands, and killed many of the servants, and fought the Muslims everywhere, so there is no doubt that they are the 'leaders of disbelef' in this era, without dispute, and Allah, the Most High has said, 'So fight the leaders of kufr, verily they have no protection'

, and if I had ten spears [only], I would have thrown it all at them, and no one else except them, and I swear by Allah: If my chance to do a martyrdom operation against them becomes easy, I will do it without any hesitance whatsoever...

And if Allah raises from amongst this ummah of one billion a thousand - only - from the 'martyrdomers' who quake their bases and interests everywhere, they would have defeated them and returned them humilated losers...

So what a shame:

Do those pharoah's enslave the Muslims, and taste them the severest of punishments everywhere, and then find no resistance, rather they find protection from the tawagheet and their slaves?

And know, my dear brother, that the doubt of the one who prohibits fighting them and killing them in other than the lands in which they fight in is one of two:

The first: The doubt of the covenant:

So they say: They have a covenant with us, and whoever kills a covenant-holder does not smell the smell of paradise as is clear in the hadeeth.

The second: The doubt of the advantages and disadvantages:

So they say: Fighting them causes tribulation upon this ummah that it cannot handle.

So we say in reply:

As for the covenant, then no wallah, there is no covenant between us and them, nay, they are harbiyoon wherever they reside and live, even if they became attached to the coverings of the Ka'bah, for the covenants that the governments did with those crusaders is not recognised in the sharee'ah, rather it is based upon the charters of the false-dietic United Nations, and was signed by individuals who have no conciousness of Allah in their actions, and nothing is more important to those individuals more than preserving their thrones and status, even if the covenant was recognised, they would be considered as having broken that covenant in the tens, nay hundreds even; like their declaring that this is a crusade and fighting us due to our religion, to expelling the Muslims from their lands, to supporting those who expelled them, to violating many of the treaties, to involving themselves [in corrupting] the Islaamic rulings, to supporing the enemies of Islaam everywhere, to following up and spying on the Mujahideen on earth, and killing them, and imprisoning them, to pludering the treasures of the Muslims, and other than this from the matters of which a tenth would be enough to invalidate their covenant had it been shar'ee.

If the covenant between the Messenger, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam and Quraysh was nullified due to Qurayh's support for Bakr over Khazaa'ah secretly, and for once only, so what of the actions of America which cannot be counted or numbered in this day and age...

Furthermore, it is not from the shar'ee covenants to allow the Crusaders and give them protection so that they may hit the Muslims however they want...

And praise be to Allah, I have detailed the proofs and statements to establish that there is no covenant between us and those crusaders, and that between us and them is nothing except the sword, aswell as refuting many of the doubts casted in this matter in the book Nashr al-Bunood and I will release it soon insha'Allahu ta'ala.

As for the issue of advantages and disadvantages, then it is correct; for the matter if its disadvantages is greater than its advantage then it does not become permissable at that moment, except I notify you of two matters:

First: The advantages and disadvantages here are the shar'ee advantages and disadvantages, not the ones imagined [by some people].

Second: The people who sould look at the benefits towards the Jihaad of such actions and their harms are the Mujahideen, not the sitting ones who don't even know how to use a gun!

This is what I have to say in this short reply, and I have lengthened the talk about these matters in two books, that I will release soon insha'Allah - if Allah protects me from his enemies -:

One of them is, Nashr al-Bunood, mentioned above.

The second is the third part of at-Tibyaan fi Kufri man a'aan al-Amreekaan.

I ask Allah subhanah, to grant victory to Islaam and its people, and to destroy America and its allies, and to cure our hearts from them, and to remove their envy towards us, and peace and blessings be upon our Messenger Muhammed.


Written by the noble Shaykh, Naasir al-Fahd on the 10th of April, 2003