Jihad: The forgotten obligation

11: Jannah, In the Shade of the Sword

The Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam has said, "Know surely Jannah is in the shades of swords." (Paradise is under the shades of swords) (Saheeh Bukhari, Vol.1, p395)

The scholar Qurtubi RahamatulLahu-alayh states, it is remarkable that in such a short statement, the Messenger of Allah SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam has put such great emphasis in the path of Jihaad and with such eloquence.

In this Hadeeth, the Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam has incited towards Jihaad and also mentioned the reward and virtue of Jihaad, inflaming the desire to use the sword in the face on the enemies and to fight such a fierce battle that the swords shade over the fighters. Under this shade lies the Paradise. (Fathul Bari, Vol.6, p110) A scholar, Allama Ibne Jawzi states, the understanding of this Hadeeth is that, Jannah is achieved by doing Jihaad.

One companion asked the Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam, 'O Messenger of Allah SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam, what is the reason that every Muslim has to face a trial of the grave, except the Shaheed?" The Holy Prophet SallalLahu alayhi wasallam answered, "The sword over his head was enough as a trial." (Meaning, now he would not be put in any trial or torment.) (Kanzul Ummal, Vol.4, p596)

Ibne Mardayah has narrated from Abu Hurairah, "Whoever drew out his sword in the path of Allah has made an oath with Allah." (Kanzul Ummal. Vol.4, p338)

Khatib has narrated that Hadhrat Ali Radhiallahu-`anhu has said, "The Salaat offered with the sword around one's self is seventy times better than Salaat offered without it." (Kanzul Ummal, Vol.4, p338 (Authentic tradition))

Hadhrat Anas RadhialLahu-`anhu reports, that the hilt of the sword of the Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam was of silver. (Shamaile Tirmizi, p7)

A scholar, Allama Banjuri RahamatulLahu-alayh explains the above description of the sword of the Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam was called 'Zulfikaar', the one that was in the hand of the Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam at the time of the invasion of Makkah. (Kasaile Nabawi, p101)

The Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam had owned many swords and each had different names. The first one was called 'Al-Mathur', the one he SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam inherited from his father. One was called 'Qasib' and another named 'Qalki, one 'Tyyar' and one called 'Zulfikaar' etc. (Kasaile Nabawi, p101)

Ibne Sireen RahmatulLahu-alayh says, "I have made my sword the same as the sword of Samura RadhialLahu-`anhu, because he claimed that his sword was made the same as the sword of the Holy Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam." It was in the style of the swords of the tribe of Banu Hanifa. (Shamaile Tirmizi, p7)

Banu Hanifa was renowned tribe of Arabia. They were well known and famous for making the best swords. Those adopting the style of the Prophet SallalLahu-alayhi wasallam's sword, copied the style of this tribe. (Kasaile Nabawi, p103)

These few traditions certainly signify the importance and virtue of the sword. The importance attached to the sword is because it is a weapon used in Jihaad.

May Allah give us the ability towards understanding the importance and significance of weapons and instill in our hearts the love of protecting this religion, and creating an interest in weapons.

The protection of our religion enables us to love the weapons.

May Allah create the love of weapons in our hearts for the sole purpose of protecting our religion of Islam, Ameen.