Jihad: The forgotten obligation

4: The Palace for the Shaheed

Narrated Samura, the Prophet (saw) said, "Last night two men came to me (in a dream) and made me ascend a tree and then admitted me into a better and superior house better of which I have never seen. One of them said, this house is the house of the Shuhadah." (Sahih Bukhari, p.185, vol.1)

The great status of the Shaheed is stated clearly in this hadith. The Prophet (saw) was shown the beautiful palace of the Shuhadah in Paradise on the night of Miraj (when he - saw - ascended to the Heavens). The Shaheed has sacrificed his life by fighting in the path of Allah and this sacrifice is his most beloved and worthy possesion. Allah therefore, honours and blesses him with these high grades and status and Allah's forgiveness and Mercy surrounds him. Allah says in the Qur'an

"And if you are killed or die in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all that they amass (of worldly wealths etc)." (3:157)

It is because of this honour from Allah that the Shaheed's deeds are forever lasting as Allah says

"But those who are killed in the way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost". (Muhammad: 4)

The respect and honour of the Shaheed is such that the Muslims have been prohibited from calling the Shuhada dead because they are alive as Allah swt says -

"And say not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah, "They are dead", Nay they are living, but you perceive (it) not." (2:154)

The Muslims are not only prohibited from calling the Shuhada dead but further prohibited from even thinking of them as dead because the Shaheed has sacrificed his life for such a great cause, as Allah says:

"Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord and they have provision". (3:169-170)

Another reason for these great virtues and grades for the Shaheed is because he has performed the best Jihaad. The best Jihaad is described in the following hadith -

Jabir (ra) narrated that a person asked, "O Prophet of Allah, which is the best Jihaad?". The Prophet (saw) said, "The Jihaad is that the legs of your horse be cut off and your blood spilt (shahadah)". (Ibn Hibban, Ibn Majah, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.438. vol.2)

May Allah swt grant all the Muslims the desire for Shahadah. Ameen.

The virtues of the shaheed are numerous and have been recorded in many hadith books. The following is a list of some of these ahadith: -

Jabir ibn Abdullah (r) says that when Abdullah bin Amr ibn Haram was Shaheed the Prophet (saw) said, "O Jabir! Shall I inform you of how Allah honoured your father?" He answered, "Please do." The Prophet saw said, "Allah does not talk to anybody but behind the veil but he talked to your father directly (without the veil)". (Tirmidhi, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.437, vol2)

Ubada bin Samit (ra) narrates, that the Prophet (saw) said, "The shaheed is granted seven gifts from Allah swt -

1. He is forigven at the first drop of his blood.
2. He sees his status in jannah.
3. He is dressed in the clothes of iman.
4. He is safe from the punishment of the grave.
5. He will be safe from the great fear of the Day of Judgement.
6. A crown of honour will be placed on his head.
7. He will intercede on behalf of 70 members of his family.

(Musnad Ahmed Tabrani, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.443, vol.2)

Abu Darda (r) narrates that I heard the Prophet (saw) saying that the Shaheed will intercede on behalf of 70 Members of his family. (Abu Dawud, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb)

Mujahid said, that Yazid bin Shajara was amongst those whose deeds would testify his sayings. He stated the following during a khutbah, "When the skies are opened and when the rows of unbelievers and believers are facing each other, the doors of Heaven and hell are opened and the Hoorain (women of Jannah) who have big beautiful eyes and are well dressed, peer from the sky. When a Muslim moves forward they say, "O Allah, make his feet steadfast, O Allah help him." And when he turns his back towards the enemy the Hoorain cover their veil from him and say, "O Allah forgive him." O people make an effort for this, may my parents be sacrificed for you, do not disgrace the hoor of Jannah. When a person is Shaheed, as the first drop of blood falls on the ground his sins fall down like the withering of leaves from trees and the hoorain come down towards him and clean the soil from his face. He will then be presented with a gift of a hundred pairs of clothes, which will not be human made, but will be the creation of Jannah". He stated further that, "I have been informed that the keys to Paradise are swords" (Ibn Mubarak, p.72, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.444, vol.2)

Hayan bin Abi Habla narrates that the Prophet (saw) said, "When a person is shaheed, Allah swt creates a beautiful body for him. Then Allah orders his soul to enter this body. So it enters in the body. Then the person looks at his previous body as to what is being done to it, then he looks at the people around him who are grieving, he thinks that the people are listening and looking at him, he then goes towards his wives." (Ibn Mubarak, p.93)

Naeem ibn Hamar (ra) narrates that a person asked the Prophet (saw), "Which Shaheed is superior?". The Prophet (saw) answered, "Those who are in the rows of battle and do not turn their face till they are killed. They will roam around in the highest rooms in Jannah and their Lord will laugh at them. This is an indication that, when Allah laughs at somebody, there is no accounting of his deeds on the day of Judgement." (Musnad Ahmed, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.442, vol.2)

It is on account of these great virtues that the Prophet (saw) and the Sahaba (R) used to wish for Shahadah and used to love the death in Allah's path, and from whom even death used to run far away and fear them. May Allah swt grant all Muslims the desire for Shahadah. Ameen.