Prophet Muhammad A Great Friend of Little Children

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was a very great man. He was also a very busy man, for it was his great task to guide his people so that they were sure to follow the way of Allah.

There was so much for the Prophet to do and so much time, which he had to spend teaching his people giving them advice and making decisions when they came to him for judgment in some disputes. But the Prophet was never too busy to give some of his time to children to make friends with them and show how much he loved them.

So, even though he was the greatest man, his people had ever known anyone could call upon him for help and advice at any hour of the day. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, always managed to find time to tell stories to children, to give them presents or simply to talk with them.

On some occasions, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, showed great favor towards small children. One of these lucky children was a small boy called Jabir bin Sumrah. One day, Jabir went to a Mosque where the Prophet was praying and said his prayers with him.

The Prophet noticed Jabir. When the prayers were finished and the Prophet left the Mosque to go home, he let Jabir accompany him. As they walked through the streets other children saw them. Very soon, a large crowd ran towards the Prophet to join Jabir at his side.

They were still a little distance away when the Prophet saw them approaching. He stopped and waited until they had reached him. The children were very pleased. They were even more delighted when the Prophet began chatting and talking to them. Then, he kissed them all one by one of course little Jabir got a kiss too, and like the others. He went off home a very happy little boy.

So it is easy to understand why children loved the Prophet Muhammad so much it was because he was so kind and generous to them.

This was a wonderful thing for great and busy men are usually preoccupied and they do not have time to spend with little kids. It was especially wonderful because the Prophet bore enormous responsibilities. Quite apart from the task of leading his people in everyday life, as you have already learned, the Prophet Muhammad led them in prayers. He was also their teacher and as well as teaching them their religion, he taught them good manners and good conduct towards others.

Many people came to see the Prophet and he received delegations. He spent a great number of hours with the visitors, and had many long discussions with them about matters, which concerned them so you can see that the Prophet Muhammad who was the head of the state had a great number of things to do. That even included leading his people into battle against their enemies here too he taught them valuable lesions showing by his conduct in battle that victory should be followed by mercy towards defeated foes.

Yes, despite all he had to do and all time that was occupied in these important tasks the Prophet never failed to great boys and girls whenever he met them if the Prophet was returning from a long journey and met children on the way, he would always stop and talk and laugh with them.

And he always gave them a bid treat by letting them ride with him on his camel. This was why the Prophet could be seen which children sitting in front of him and behind him as his camel plodded along the road towards his home. It was a truly joyous and cheering sight to see.