Story of the King and his Adviser

A king was very pleased with his counselor who was also his friend. One day the king cut one of his fingers. .His counselor said, “alhamdulillah”.

It made the king really mad, so he ordered that the counselor should be imprisoned. While being taken to the prison the counselor still said, “alhamdulillah”.

Then the king went for a hunting trip by himself. Usually he was accompanied by his advisor. He lost his way and ended up in a place where the inhabitants were ‘mushrik’ and were preparing for a sacrifice for idols.

As they caugh the king they were about to sacrifice the king but left him alone since he had a defect i.e. his finger. When the king returned he freed the counselor and agreed that that first ‘alhamdulillah’ was reasonable as he was not killed because of the defect.

But what about saying ‘alhamdulillah’ while being imprisoned. So his friend reminded him that if he would accompany the king then the pagans would have sacrificed him instead. So the second ‘alhamdulillah’ because he was safe from being sacrificed ;).