Saudi palace mufti calls Martyrs 'criminals seeking the Hell'

Grand Mufti of the House of Saud Sheikh Abdul Aziz al ash-Shaikh condemned martyr bombings as "grave crimes".  

"Killing oneself is a grave crime and a hard sin", ash-Shaikh was quoted as saying by a local newspaper on Thursday, reports Arab News.

"Those who kill themselves with explosives are criminals who are hastening their way to hell... Their hearts have veered away from the right path, their minds have been invaded by evil",
the palace mufti claimed.

It is to be mentioned in this context that the question of the permissibility of martyr attacks in Islam - is at least the question of acceptable differences. And to claim that anyone who breaks into the midst of enemies and blows himself up for the elevation of the Word of Allah, "are the criminals and hastening their way to hell", is at least absurd.

Thus, the position of Islamic scholars who indicate permissibility of martyr attacks, are discussed by Sharia.

Saudi mufti, meanwhile, is in no hurry to call criminals Egypt military apostates who drowned their country in blood, killing and even burning alive Muslims.

Moreover, this summer he addressed them with a warning, advising "to be soft in the use of force" and to shoot at Muslims "only when necessary".

"I urge them to restrain themselves and not use force, except if necessary, because, truly, the bloodshed of a Muslim is a great sorrow and great tragedy ... I urge security forces to piety. I urge them to show leniency in using force against demonstrators", said the puppet mufti and added:

"Be patient and do not rush immediately to open fire on demonstrators".

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Note: We have reported about such so-called Sheikhs in the past, bottom line is they have no credibility, the corrupt evil kings and regimes employ them to deceive the Muslim ummah. Their propaganda and lies getting worse and worse with no end in sight. They dont defend the truth nor the Ummah, their loyalty and work is defending the white house (leader of the kuffar, enemies of Allah swt). May Allah swt protect us from their evil plots.