Blair urges to change or to destroy Islam

Speaking in New York to a thinktank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, former British Prime Minister Blair has called for a "revolution in thinking" in the fight against Islam, because at the moment, in his opinion, "the Islamists are winning this fight".

In particular, a failure to challenge the narrative that Muslims were oppressed by the west "was fuelling extremism around the world" and only weakens those "many Muslims who believe passionately in co-existence and tolerance", The Guardian quoted him as saying.

"We think if we sympathize with the narrative - that essentially this extremism has arisen as a result, partly, of our actions - we meet it half way, we help the modernizers ( Blair calls so "correct", in his vie,w Muslims - KC) to be more persuasive. We don't. We indulge it and we weaken them. Worse, a reaction springs up amongst our people that we are pandering to this narrative and they start to resent Muslims as a whole".

Blair noted that he still has not determined how to deal with the "extremist ideology" (Islam - KC) - whether to enter into direct confrontation with it or try gradually "to manage it and hope, in time, it changes itself".

"On balance, however, I don't believe that it (religion of Islam - KC) can be "benignly managed" out of existence. Its roots are too deep, its narrative too pervasive", said Blair, who is one of the main organizers of the international anti-Islamic terror under the banner of imposing democracy on all humanity.

8 October 2010
Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

NOTE: This should not come as a surprise. This is the same blood thirsty butcher of Muslims, who started with his evil allies the crusade in Iraq and Afghanistan which led to deaths of hundreds of thousands innocent defenseless Muslims.